Kowboj International is an artist collective, an electro punk band, a motorcycle gang, an outdoor swimming club, a climbing club, a Table Squennis team, a sponsor of x-box multi-player online motorsport, a political party, an environmental lobby group, a drinking club.

Our vision is informed by a shared belief that existence without art is existence without meaning.

Therefore our collective mission is to always be questioning the nature of being an artist, which we do by working together to dream up new ways of sharing our work and ideas with others, often whilst extremely drunk.

To achieve our mission we set ourselves the objective of building a machine that can harness the energy generated through the collective endeavour, a machine that can deliver benefits to everyone.

And we aim to meet this objective by deploying the following strategies:

Strategy One: The delivery of an annual programme of projects and events.

Strategy Two: The development and maintenance of an online container ship of ideas www.kowboj.pl

Strategy Three: Regular conferences and summits.

Strategy Four: Talking PDFs.



Lubo Deering

Coco Hocake

Jex Nipny

Olid Nordhausen

Harlan Tressel


Associate Members

Barry Lightning

Bruce Lightning


Projects and events

Someone to talk to
16 October 2019, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne ENGLAND

Arm Wrestle | held at Whitley Bay Comrades Club
23rd August 2018, 14 The Links, Whitley Bay, ENGLAND

Library meeting rooms become video art gallery for a day
12th October 2017, The Bewick Rooms, City Community & Information Hub and Library, Charles Avison Building, 33 New Bridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8AX ENGLAND

clean | mend at Arthouses
19th & 20th September 2017, Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay, ENGLAND


Lubo has added this summary of his video work

Lubo has added a list of stuff we've done in the past

Bounce presentation at Arthouses
31st August & 1st September 2013, 47 Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay, ENGLAND

Lake Swim presentation at the Panama Swimming Club
1st & 2nd September 2012, Panama Swimming Club, Whitley Bay, ENGLAND

Back of the envelope

Olid Nordhausen presents an evening of untertainment
13 January 2012, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, SCOTLAND

Brother_Ship, Mother_Ship, Container_Ship
14-16 May 2009, Gdansk, POLAND

Strategy One Action One Ganghut Laser Disk
26-29 March 2009, Scottish Sculture Workshop, SCOTLAND

The 1st Lumsden International Artists Film and Live Art Expo 2008
Saturday 9th February 2008, Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND

Making and sending t-shirts to people who have recently inspired us in the hope that they might wear them occasionally

Project Lazienki
2005/06, Newcastle upon Tyne/Warsaw, ENGLAND/POLAND