Location: Big G

Date/Time: Saturday 28th March/8-8.30pm

C.I. Member: Coco Hocake

Asleep At The Tall Trees

HD Single Channel Video / 30 mins / 2009

It’s one of those dreams where the landscape changes. Snow falls. A long time passes. Winter turns to spring. In the dream they are in New York to make a film. In the dream they swim at the beach and watch fishermen catching fish. In the film they drink cocktails at the Met roof garden in the late September sun. Mike pays for the drinks. At the back of The Tall Trees café the sky is perfectly blue and shadows of trees move softly against the back wall. A small white butterfly floats by on a current of warm air. D’ Angelo said the past is always with us, but is it? I close my eyes and wonder why I keep coming here.