Location: Big G

Date/Time: Saturday 28th March/2-3pm matinée,6.30-7.30pm evening performance

C.I. member: Jex Nipny

Czerwony Mundurek (The Little Red Uniform)
The Wandering Theatre of Piast

Theatre Performance / 1 hour

Piast Kołodziej and the Piastettes (the Wandering Theatre of Piast) present their very own version of Little Red Riding Hood. In this madcap version of the traditional fairytale, the hood becomes a school uniform, as Mundrek goes head-to-head with the Polish education system. Will Mundurek gain her mother’s permission to catch the bus to school? Will her form mistress notice her dilly-dallying around the local shopping centre? And who is the mysterious character lurking around the school director’s office? For answers to these questions and more, as well as an absurdist journey that will delight, enlighten, and undoubtedly confuse, come to the matinee or early evening performance (or better still both). In Polish with English translation.

Following the best traditions of Pantomime, Piast and the Piastettes will ask the audience to participate in the action.