2001 / 14 mins / Mini DV / 16:9

The artist, 31, attempts to re-learn BMX stunts from 1981, with mixed results.


2002 / 8.5 mins / Video / 16:9

The artist purchases iconic helicopter chase toy from 1976 on the internet - VertiBird Air Police - and re-enacts classic chase sequence.
2005 / 15 mins / Video / 16:9

The artist is filmed grooming a large horse.
  Thrillseeker II: De-Badge
2007 / 4.5 mins / Video / 16:9

The artist slowly removes the stick-on decals from his BMX revealing the pure form of the frame.

  into everything
2003 / 5 mins / Video / 4:3

Filmed through the night at a neighbour's birthday party in August, into everything pulls together events from the months beforehand, described in fragments from an email correspondence.
some love
2005 / 4.5 mins / Video / 4:3

In some love the real drama takes place on television where two characters in ER are writing to each other, sharing news about their respective lives in Chicago and Iraq; Neela has yet to let Michael know how she really feels about him.
  push pause
2005 / 11.5 mins / Video / 16:9

On a balmy September evening in Warsaw four people meet on a veranda overlooking the Greek embassy - where they share a simple meal of pasta, bread and wine; the conversation soon turns to reminiscence...

A Lumsden Piast

Piast Kołodziej - first Pole.  Piast is a promoter of the visual arts, theatre and music, as well as a performer, film-maker, traveller,  environmentalist and political commentator. This is his first major appearance in Scotland, so come along for yourselves and meet the legend.

Piast will be showing a series of classic Piast films related to the notions of  competition, Piast Goes Conkers  (Piast na Kasztany), the environment,  Hug A Tree Today! Make The World A Better Place To Live In (Przytul Drzewo Dzisiaj! Zrob Ze Świata Lepsze Miejsce Do Życia), and a commentary on recent political events in Poland,  Piast Washes His Hands (Piast Umywa Ręce). He will also be hosting a number of events: to help foster international relations, Two Michaels (Dwa Michały); to become more in tune with the natural environment, Hug A Tree – the Competition (Przytul Drzewo – Konkurs),  and to develop a spirit of friendly competition, Tug-of-Peace (Przeciąganie Liny Dla Pokoju).

Accompanying Piast Kołodziej’s visit to Lumsden, an exhibition of photographs taken by Michał Brązowy  will be on shown at Lumsden School . These document Piast’s travels around the world in search of enlightenment and inner contentment.


Piast Goes Conkers (Piast na Kasztany)
2007 / 4 mins / Video / 4:3

Watch in awe, gasp in amazement, as Piast Kołodziej does battle with himself for the title of Polish Conker Champion. Filmed entirely on location, this film short shows you the moves to make you a champion.


Hug A Tree Today! Make The World A Better Place To Live (Przytul Drzewo Dzisiaj! Zrob Ze Świata Lepsze Miejsce Do Życia)
2006 / 6 mins / Video / 4:3

A parkland scene that could be anywhere in Europe. Look carefully however, and keep looking, as you might just see Piast Kołodziej giving solace to the trees. A classic Piast noir, dealing with environmental issues, and a film which has taken on something of a cult status across Europe.


Piast Umywa Ręce (Piast Washes His Hands)
2007 / 6 mins / Video / 4:3

If you feel the same, do the same ... and show your political leaders what you really think of them. On October 21st , 2007, Poles went to the polls to decide on their future. On October 22nd, 2007, Piast Kołodziej went onto the streets of Gdańsk, Poland, to give his commentary on Poland’s recent political past.

2008 / 8 mins / Video / 16:9

broken land
New Poems / Limited Edition Print & Live Reading

all that is solid melts into air

This place, this north, is broken. Whether physical, economic, political or psychological, new cracks and faultlines appear on its surface with every critical examination. All that there is left to write are a million elegies and a manifesto for change.