Someone to talk to

An evening together exploring life course, relationships and personal development through live performance, artist and other films and participation.

Tyneside Cinema
17:00-20:00 Wednesday 16th October 2019

17:00-18:00 Swan Hunters: Private or nationalised - The turbulent years
18:00-18:10 For the river
18:25-19:00 A deeper place
19:10-20:00 1:1 coaching

Swan Hunters: Private or nationalised - The turbulent years [Alan and Maggie Wilkinson | 2011 | 55 minutes]

In the summer of 1986, Alan Wilkinson found himself in the spotlight at the centre of industrial action at the soon to be privatised Swan Hunter shipyards. Meanwhile back at home Maggie Wilkinson was busy recording his numerous local TV appearances as the conflict escalated. This unique and fascinating archive of TV footage chronicles the period before and after privatisation through the lived experience of one of the key actors.


For the river [Alan Wilkinson, Julianne Monroe, Robert Laycock | 2019 | 11 minutes]

Thirty-three years later, Alan, Julianne and Robert revisit the week in July 1986 when workers occupied the boardroom at Swan Hunter.


A deeper place [Bec Freeman, Robert Laycock, Julianne Monroe | 2019 | 30 minutes]

Bec and Robert have a childhood connection. They have recently reconnected as coach and client to explore the subject of love. Through a live coaching process, they'll be sharing aspects of their coaching journey.

1:1 coaching [North East Coaching Collective]

Experience the power of coaching for yourself through a free and confidential 20-minute coaching session in the Tyneside Cinema Coffee Rooms.